Wednesday, October 10, 2001

well . . while the 4 pplz argue and talk and wateva they have to do . . the marine lab iz being attacked by the creaturez of the bay. . now that noel (watcher over the bay creaturez) iz gone, they dont have to fear nething . . . and if they break the lab down, the fencing will be taken down and they are free (the reason y they didnt do this while noel waz there waz cuz she waz able to make the creature stay under control if they tried to attack or oppose her) . . . with many timez slammin their body'z into the lab, they manage to crack the inner sea entrance . . . this slammin continuez until the main computer iz messed up . . . and they are free . . . the creauturez do not notice that this also released the (fuuin) on wat slept under the bay . . . but that i will explain later